Born in Hong Kong in December 1997, Ansel is now studying Foundation Program in Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia and is expected to proceed to undergraduate program in Architectural study. Since age 3, he has demonstrated his visual arts talents. When he picks up his pencil to scribble, sketch and record the images that popped up in his mind, he does it with incredible details, clarity and flair. His unique style is mostly vividly expressed in drawings of pre-historic beasts and wildlife animals.

Over time, Ansel's achievement in visual arts goes from strength to strength, and he has been regarded a 'born artist' both in and outside school. Over the years, he won gold prize in the 2009 Bauhinea Cup of Hong Kong School Star of Arts Competition, first prize in the 2010 "Ai Hua" Awards Tripartite International Competition, and gold prize in the 2011 Harmony Campus National Talented Students Competition in Beijing.

Visual arts aside, Ansel's other interests include travel, movies, animal study, comic heroes and golf. He has also learned the clarinet and saxophone under the distinguished Miss Maria Wong, who is currently teaching at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Ansel is looking forward to broadening his horizons in the different facets of arts, including architecture, design, movies, drama and voice acting. Arts know no limits.






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